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DownRyte Excavations prides itself on honesty and punctuality. Our business practice means that we start and complete all types of work to the customers’ satisfaction. In addition, we are also happy go over projects on site to discuss any troubleshooting. This enables us to iron out any problems in the job, early in the piece.

DownRyte is totally committed to safe working practices, and is OHS compliant. Safety always comes first.

What do we do?

Rock & Concrete Fishways Victoria

DownRyte has extensive experience in fishway construction throughout Victoria

What are fishways?

Fishways (including rock ramps) are simple structures that allow fish to move past physical barriers in rivers and creek. Fish ways are commonly used in Victoria to provide fish passage past man-made structures such as weirs, dams, floodgates and roads. There are three main types of fishways – rock ramp, vertical slot and fish locks.


DownRyte Excavations is an owner operator business providing a full package drilling service consisting of:

  • clearing your site 
  • tree clearing or dismantling by professional fallers, accompanied by an excavator with a grab rake
  • site cut & fills, using laser levelling, assisted by excavators & loaders, trucks, and a compacter
  • piling service with augers 300mm to 1.5mtr in diameter & rock coring 450mm to 1mtr diameter ,down to 10mtr in depth.
  • adapting if conventional piles aren’t suitable
  • providing screw piles as an alternative
  • carrying out sheet & post piling.  
  • always acting in a professional and courteous manner 
  • and finally and most importantly, taking pride in honesty, excellent project management skills,  punctuality & keeping our customers happy.


DownRyte offers a wide range of piling solutions for the commercial and residential market, the system works well with all footing systems, and the piles are made out of “Duragal” materials meaning they are capable of installation in most environments.

DownRyte piles are prefect for “P” sites, contaminated sites, filled sites and sites with collapsing soils, water table and highly reactive sites.

Screw piles can typically be installed onsite within one day with almost nil spoil to be removed offsite. Piles can be cut to suit the footing type after installation with ease, meaning the piles are very easily adaptable. The piles can be installed with small plant, meaning site access is generally not an issue.

There are many benefits of screw piles over other systems including;

  • Up to 20 times faster installation then driven piles,
  • Vibration-less,
  • No dewatering requirements,
  • Re usable, recyclable,
  • Suitable for all soil types,
  • Installed using calibrated torque correlation to soil type and strength.
  • No reinforcement requirements
  • Simple connection to footings and structures above
  • Can be used as out of ground sub floor supports
  • Immediate load restraint
  • Eco sensitive, minimal impact
  • Nil onsite spoil


  • Site Clearing
  • Tree Dismantle and Removal
  • Piling – Auger, Rock Coring, Sheet, Post, Screw
  • Erosion Control
  • Rock and Concrete Fishways

Valued Clients

  • Tree dismantling
  • Tree dismantling
  • Tree removal
  • Tree dismantling & removal
  • Rock fishway
  • Rock fishway
  • Rock fishway
  • Concrete fishway construction
  • Concrete fishway
  • Rock chute construction
  • Rock chute erosion control
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DownRyte Excavations


I would highly recommend Sean and the team at DownRyte Excavations. They were always helpful courteous and professional during my dealings with them.