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We run a modern fleet of equipment and our operators are all licenced and have OHS white cards and are in-house trained.

Some words about us

DownRyte Excavations have over fifteen years experience in the drilling field both domestic and commercial.

Specialising in concrete & rock fishways Victoria

Rock Coring from 450 diam – 1000 diam, up to 10 metres deep.

Augering from 300mm – 1500mm, up to 10 metres deep.

Large diameter Screw Piling down 10mt deep.

Sheet piling/timber pole driving

DownRyte Excavations also have over 15 years experience in earthmoving, specializing in river works consisting of:

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Valued Clients

  • Tree dismantling
  • Tree dismantling
  • Tree removal
  • Tree dismantling & removal
  • Rock fishway
  • Rock fishway
  • Rock fishway
  • Concrete fishway construction
  • Concrete fishway
  • Rock chute construction
  • Rock chute erosion control
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DownRyte Excavations


I would highly recommend Sean and the team at DownRyte Excavations. They were always helpful courteous and professional during my dealings with them.